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Course Description


This course will present an initial introduction to the theory and methodology that is relevant to language teaching at the Elementary level (pre foundation and foundation levels) in Israel. The students will be exposed to a variety of language teaching techniques and methods and have the opportunities to experience and practice these methods of teaching. The students will become familiar with the school system in Israel as well as the national English curriculum as prepared by the Ministry of Education 

Course Objectives


Students will

        become familiar with language learning process, approach, methods and techniques.

        have opportunities to apply language learning techniques in peer- teaching and in their practice teaching

        learn and use observational techniques to help evaluate classroom practices

        become familiar with the principle of effective planning of activities and lessons

         be made aware of the teachers role in facilitating, motivating and evaluating learning

        will become familiar with the range of English teaching materials available for teaching EFL in the elementary schools and begin to analyze the

        build a personal repertoire of practical and useful classroom teaching ideas


Course Topics


A.    Becoming a Teacher

        A new perspective from student to teacher

        What is teaching for me?

        Expectations of the training program, of the host school and of your self as a future teacher

        What you think you know/need to know about the school system today

        The teacher as a professional



B.    You as a Learner

        Identify different learning styles and intelligences

        Recognize learner diversity and individual differences; social, emotional, interests and learning strategies

        Short review teaching then and teaching now changes in methodology - emphasis on the Communicative Approach of today



      C.D.E.       Teaching English in the Elementary School


Students will explore the what and how of teaching as it relates to three different ability levels. In each section students will review the National Curriculum Standards for teaching English for that level, become familiar with theoretical approaches and engage in practical applications.


C.     Pre-foundation skills: The oral /aural skills (grades 2/3)

        Oral language development

        Effective techniques

        Reading readiness

        Developing phonemic awareness, teaching the alphabet

        MOEs prerequisite knowledge, skills and strategies for Foundation level

        Familiarizing with teaching materials in the market


D.    The beginning reading stage (grade 4)

        MOEs domains, standards and benchmarks

        Automaticity: working towards automatic decoding of simple words

        Fluency: practicing reading with accuracy and speed

        Comprehension: understanding of simple texts

        Familiarizing with teaching materials in the market

        Assessment: How do you know they know?


E.     Developing Language and Literacy ( grade 5/6)

        MOEs domains, standards and benchmarks

        Consolidating skills

        Developing oral/ aural communication

        Enhancing social interaction and authentic use of English in conversation

        The role of Literature: teaching the appreciation of literature and culture

        Familiarizing with teaching materials in the market


F.      How to: A more in-depth exploration of specific techniques

                and practices  of teaching and facilitating learning


1.     The teaching process

        Presentation: effective practices lesson openers, visual aids, routines

        Practice: moving from controlled to free language production


2.      Teaching and integrating the four basic language skills

        Listening types of activities

        Speaking types of activities

        Reading from learning to read to reading to learn

        Writing letter formation to sentence structure to short story

3.      Teaching specific items

        Vocabulary Presentation words / lexical chunks in context

        Language skills (grammar) rules / usage/ practicalities teaching structures in context and authentic usage

G.     Lesson Planning

        Planning effective activities

        Making and utilizing a lesson plan

        Lesson preparation: objectives, flow, timing, aids


H.    The Course Book: Its only one tool!

        Looking at additional approaches to your lessons

        How to enhance your lessons with other sources internet / podcasts / drama / games / chants etc

Methods of Instruction

        Lectures, discussions

        Pair and group activities

        Readings articles and handouts

        Peer teaching and coaching in preparation for field work

First year students 

 Active participation, reading, assignments (activity and lesson planning), idea box, pair and group presentations, lesson plans, reflections and final project


Ø Active participation and homework: 20%

Ø Pair /Group presentations: 20%

Ø Lesson planning : 20%

Ø Reflections: 10%

Ø Idea box - Final Project with Year's Reflection: 30%


Excerpts from various books and articles such as:

a)      Qualities of Effective Teachers, 2nd Edition by James H. Stronge  ASCD,2007

b)    Communicative Language  Teaching, www.cal.org/resources/digest/gallow01.html

c)     Language Teaching Methodology, www.cal.org/resources/digest/rodgers.html 2001

d)    Reading Writing & Learning in ESL, Suzanne F. Peregoy , Owen F. Boyle,Longman 1993

e) Ministry of Education (2001). EnglishCurriculum for All Grades: Principles and Standards for Learning English as aForeign Language in Israeli Schools. Available at: http://cms.education.gov.il/EducationCMS/Units/Mazkirut_Pedagogit/English/Publications/Curriculum/

      f) Ministry of Education (2005). PrerequisiteKnowledge, Skills and  Strategies for Achieving the Benchmarks at the FoundationLevel.  :http://cms.education.gov.il/EducationCMS/Units/Mazkirut_Pedagogit/English/Publications/Prerequisites/

      g) Ministry of Education (2009). Guidelines forthe Teaching of English           at the Pre-Foundation Level: Available at:     http://cms.education.gov.il/EducationCMS/Units/Mazkirut_Pedagogit/English/Publications/PreFoundationLevel.htm